The Wave Project

CEO, Joe Taylor

“It was great to work with Michael on a 10-year anniversary film for The Wave Project. The finished film was professional in design and captured the personal touch of the charity, which we were hoping for. It attracted over 33,000+ views on Facebook alone and has been used as an advertising asset for our membership campaign.”

Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association

PR Manager, Caroline Bramwell

“IA was delighted to work with Michael Durban (Durban Media) on My Bag and I 2019. As director and producer, using his own personal experience, Michael brings a uniqueness to Hari and Elliot’s journey on living with a stoma.

We are delighted with the exposure MBAI has given us, with a reach of over 30,000 views through our own social media platforms. Feedback on the documentary was extremely complimentary and resonated with many people.

Michael was also easy to work with, bringing professionalism, artistic direction and an understanding that only someone in this position would have.”


Juan-Pierre Pieri, CEO R33P

“Having Durban Media produce this video to represent our brand values was a great choice as Michael maintained clear lines of communication from the rough draft to the finalised version. Everything from the message, the editing quality and the sound was great and we look forward to using his creative services again in the future.”

Jessie Jacobs

Teesside Labour Mayor Campaigner and Charity Founder

“Michael filmed a great film for my political campaign which made a big impact and had excellent reach! One person said it was the best political film they’d seen.”


Director of Video Production at Ocean Driven Media

“It has been a great experience working with Michael over the years, especially on the extended cut of ‘Paddling For Happiness’. His directing style allows for creativity from his team, and he pays attention to all the finer details of the production. I have known him for many years and it’s awesome to see the level of excellence he has achieved in filmmaking. I can highly recommend Michael, you won’t regret having him on board for your next production.”


Photographer and Founder of Unprecedented Pictures

“Michael has assisted me in many shoots over the years and is incredibly sharp and on the ball. He is always keen and willing to go out of his way to help achieve the best results possible. Michael is a man of many talents and can achieve anything he sets his mind too. He once assisted me with a celebrity’s wedding which was featured on national television, needless to say Michael did not disappoint. I recommend Michael for the job, no matter what the job entails, as he is someone who adapts and is a quick learner.”

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